E-Tax training

At AFBS we are proud to deliver the following services to our customers:

E-TAX training: E-tax lodgement was a great initiative from the ATO to help low income earners or simple tax affair individuals to have access to lodge their tax return without visiting an accountant. I have seen many clients, even professionals, with a high income but simple tax affair show interest to control their tax and having a go at E-TAX. Our service is to go through a generic tax return on e-tax and clarify their questions.

SMSF workshop: This workshop is not about advising people to convert their superfund into an SMSF. With so much noise in the market around this topic, we have identified the need of educating our customers about the pros and cons of this product and the ideal requirements to start an SMSF. We also highlight the borrowing rules of an SMSF.

Property investment advice: Property investment is similar to other asset classes such as gold, shares, etc. What makes this asset class so special is that people can retire on rental income and it has a high leverage to invest in this asset compared to other asset classes. Shelter and food are human basic needs and with population growth the demand of living in main cities and established areas is growing. Historically in Australia the average property price doubles within 7-10 years,

Psychology of money & wealth: This is my favourite topic as I have experienced it personally. We all know people who are earning a decent salary and although they are not big spenders, it seems their life and wealth is stuck at a certain level. No matter how hard they are working it does not add to their bank account. As an adviser I have finally reached the’ ahaa’ moment that no matter how great a financial product with a positive return or guarantee, people will not see the value beyond their own money beliefs. This is the reason we see two people invest in the same asset but have a different experience and return. I believe everyone should be clear about their money belief and if there is any self-sabotaging block to work on it then we can find a product matching their short term and long term plan.