Debt consolidation and refinancing

Debt consolidation

is a process where all your debts are rolled together into a single loan. Debt from personal loans and credit cards can be incorporated into your mortgage at a much better interest rate as home loans tend to have lower interest rates than other forms of credit. Consolidation will reduce your interest rate overall, and in this way save you money. Consolidation of your debt into your existing mortgage is most effective for larger amounts of money and should reduce the amount of your monthly payment. It also has the advantage of only having to make one payment per month


Assurance Finance and Business Solutions offers a no obligation service, including an annual review, to assess your current home loan against the many available home loan products. You may find that there are other loans that better suit your individual circumstances and save you money.
You do not need to be buying or selling to change your loan. Savings can be via lower interest rates or lower fees. And if you elect to reinvest these savings into your loan, you could potentially cut years off your home loan.